Handle Mounting Machine

Handle Mounting Machine

It is the PLC controlled machine produced from stainless steel which inserts handles with rotative movements to neck of plastic bottles of 5-8-10 liters 

 General Specifications

Control = PLC

Body = AISI 304-316 stainless steel 

Capacity  = 4.000 bottle/hour 

Diameter of the bottle ı = Ø 150 – Ø 210 mm

Volume of the bottle  = 5-8-10 lt

Height of the bottle  = 260 – 470 mm

Height of the machine  = 2500

Entrance Conveyor height  = 1100

Power  = 3,5 kw

Air = 48 m3  / h – 6 bar

Weight of the machine  = 2,5 ton

Our machines consists of 3 main groups ;

1-Vibrator Group  =  the handles which are filled in the vibrator socket with the help of the elevator, are  lined as to have their handles in the same direction .

 2-Rolling Group = The handles which their shafts are in the same direction, are transferred to the transfer conveyor by providing the right direction of the handle hinges through the rolling groups 

 3- Handle Assembly Group =  The handles coming from handle conveyor are installed to the bottles with the method of press and through cylinders on the machines by combining with the bottles coming from the conveyor of the machines .

Handle mounting  3000-4000 BPH 3000-4000 BPH for  5-10 lt
Handle mounting  1200 bph for  19 lt