Air Conveyor

Air Conveyor

It  provide  the trasfering  of the bottles which comming out of the blowers And the function is done by provide the bottle transfering from their neck records under the closed channel, by applying clean filtred  air through the fans conveyors are made of  stainless steel


 + Pneumatic moving apparatus mounted on the conveyor, when the line is full of bottles and to prevent the blower to stopped ; the 

recording automatically opens and throws the bottles out .

 + air conveyor length is made accordance to the  capacity of the blower also to the next machine .so it have to be adapted between both machines

 + Fans absorb the air and passing it  through filters to provide clean air  to transferring the bottles from their neck

 + Channel body is completely stainless. 

 + Channel height is adjustable.

Placement of conveyors are manufactured according to customer's area