Lineer OPP Labelling Machine

Lineer OPP Labelling Machine

With its easy and quick replacable parts, labels from minimum 25 mm to maximum 210 mm width and from 152mm to maximum 4200 mm lenght stickers can be sticked to bottles  from minimum 0,25 lt. (Ø44,5 mm) to maksimum 2,5 lt. (Ø127 mm) with the same machine. 

Due to the only both ends of labels are glued, glue consumption is minimum.

Our CE certified  machines are in conformity with Europe safety standards.

The label which is pulled by pressing between two pulling roll, is sent to vacuum drum by being passed through cutting unit  

The cutting unit which adjust the label lenght with servo motor pursuant to the information taken from  the electronic system by measuring the interval of the brand lines found on the label, cuts the label from the cutting line by turning with the knife. 

 The label which is rolled to the vacuum drum with the help of vacuum in reverse shape are glued by passing through the glue unit.

The bottles which are taken as to be in the form of being on the label with the help of  + Star, are pressed and turned between turning belt and vacuum drum and the label is folded on the bottles. The first edge is pressed on the last edge of the label and a complete enwrapping is made.

 The cutting is adjusted sensitvely with the micrometric adjustment found in the cutting unit 

O.P.P. Hot Glue Labeller  OLM-1  12,000 BPH / 0.5L
O.P.P. Hot Glue Labeller  OLM-2  15,000 BPH / 0.5L
O.P.P. Rotary Labeller  24,000 BPH / 0.5L