Neck Sleev

Neck Sleev

Neck sleeve

This machine provid the security band  over  the neck  of the 5 galon filled and cappped bottles 

By  cutting the band from the roll , put it over the the neck of the  capped  bottle after that go through heating tunnel to paste it  (shrinking)  it .


 + Onto a mandrel dressed in foil 4 to 7 microns thick, can work by changing the diameter of the round cover applied edilir.malaf cut step by step: Minimum Ø 25, maximum: Ø 120 mm. + Adjustable foil length: minimum 42 mm, maximum 190 mm. 

 + Full automatic  machine , controlled by PLC , it is working once botlles come 

 + stoper station available on the conveyior once the bottles come , it let the bottle stope and centralized it under the mandrel

 + Body, conveyor, heat tunnel is stainless. 

 + Capacity is suitable for all 5 Gallon filling stations. 

 + Our machines are CE certified according to European Safety Standards.

Neck sleeve GTM-65 1600
Neck sleeve GTM-85 2400-2150