Rotative P.C PreWashing Machine

Rotative P.C PreWashing Machine

Rotative P.C PreWashing Machine

 Returnable p.c bottles which have alot of dirts , before their entring to the main machine for filling , they go through external washing machine

İt is full automatic machine have CE certificate

Wash the esternal surface of the bottles  with heated medicated  water  by  the rotative  movement of the brushes  they provide the perfect cleaning of the neck , base the body of the bottles 

 Advanteges :

Provide cleaning support to  tha main machine

 The main machine host external cleaned bottles

 Due to the prewashing bottles the washing water of the main machine will be longer life

 + Host wash the residue in a minimum of water in the tank. 

 + micro-organisms which stay on outer surface do not pollute the main machine

 + The main function of the main machine be focus on an internal washing of the bottles

Cleaning Group 

 + Medicated wash water heated in the boiler is sprayed with the pressure outside the P.C bottles  via the pump .with. the rotary movement of it s several  brushes  it cleaned the external surface of the bottle , body,neck ,base

Further to that by rotate the bottles also provide perfect cleaning .

 +Operation is fully automatic. It works when the bottles are comming. 

 +To heat the wash water in the tank with hot water and steam coils or electric heaters are made according to customer demand. 

 + Machines are CE certified according to the European Safety Standards and is guaranteed for two years. 

 +exterior cleaned bottles entered to the main machine

Rotary  External Washing Machine   RPW-6 1600
Rotary  External Washing Machine   RPW-8 2400 - 2150

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